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Thermally insulated door system with basic depth of 65 mm for inward and outward-opening single and double-leaf rebated doors, flush-fitted on the inner and outer side, also using leaf-enclosing infills, either 10 mm face-fitted on the inside for inward-opening doors, flush-fitted on the outer side, also using leaf-enclosing infills, or as a sash bar construction with side sections and / or toplights or integrated as insert units in „Schüco“ facade systems. Classification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077 Innovative foam-filled insulation bars Glazing gasket with fins Split insulating bars provide effective protection against thermal deformation Optional, automatic sealing in threshold area Thermally insulated door thresholds.



Outer frame profiles with a face width from 69 mm. Leaf frame profiles with a face width from 73 mm. Flexibility in design, different colors inside and outside. Mitre-cut, feature glazing bead available. Leaf-enclosing door infill available. Concealed fittings meet the highest standards in design and comfort. Innovative fixing of door handle directly onto the lock offers maximum stability; the flat rosette completes the attractive overall look. Additional design series RL = Residential Line and SL = Soft Line available


Glass Thicknesses of 4 mm to 67 mm. Burglar resistant up to WK2 in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627. Leaf weights up to 200 kg possible. Adapter profile for use in facade units. Solution as easy-access door possible due to its particularly flat threshold. Anti-finger trap door design possible. Tested to a clear door opening height of 2500 mm. Optional flush-fitted or face-fitted leaf (3 drainage levels). Concealed drainage. Drainage at the lowest profile point. Tolerance equalization using plastic glazing bead clips.



Plastic profiles are German manufacturers Profine, Group with profiles KBE systems. The Element are produced by the KBE profiles are listed in „Greenline“ label which means that several years ago, impurities which are used as material stabilizing for profiles have replaced with calcium-zinc as an element not harmful for environment. With this not only improves the environment but also the quality in each phase of the window with more resistant to atmospheric factors, keep longer their brightness. The completion of physical construction requirements such as thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, ventilation options, easy exploitation of space, effective protection against theft, as well als cleaning and maintenance easy, show the quality, functionality and quality that provide the KBE systems.


Besides the above mentioned characteristics of the KBE profiles and realize the forms with designs and different colors. Offered a variety of colors by Uni-color palette, but can be also with wrapping decorations by wood texture. These choises colors and texture depending on architectural requirements to configuration the object can be solid color on both sides of the profile or different from the external and internal profile.


SYSTEM 76 mm

KBE 76 makes it easier and more convenient than ever before to achieve energy and heating cost savings. The new generation of windows can incorporate triple glazing and functional glazed up to a thickness of 48 mm. In other words: hardly and heating energy is lost through the glass. Yet the expansive glass surface allows valuable sunlight warmth to enter. Building owners, architects and planners will love KBE 76’s comprehensive range of colors. Whether you’r building a new home or renovating an existing one - KBE 76’s comprehensive range of color and textured finishes give your architecture a unique look.


Maximum technical values and optimal economy PremiDoor provides the perfect balance between static properties and thermal insulation. Elements up to 2,90 m high and a heat transfer coefficient of U 1.2 - 1.3 W (qmK) in standard design make possible a transparent architecture with large glazed areas. An optional UD value of max 0.8 W is also possible. PremiDoor lets you experience an all new feeling for living. Whether green nature or urban skyline - large glazed areas remove the borders between inside and outside. PremiDoor 88 is an all new design of lift / sliding door. With the maximum of opening and closing convince, excellent insulation values and a esthetic architectural elegance.



Excellent heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.2 - 1.3 W/(qmK) an optimal UD value of max0.8 W/(qmK) is possible. Positive climate balance with clear CO2 savings per year. Raising and retaining the value of real estate.


Roller shutters are reliable regulators of light entering rooms. They provide for well-being and shield against peering eyes, cold, heat, noise, wind, rain, hail, sun, and energy losses. The save heating costs and therefore contribute towards the protection of the environment. Roller shutters can be operated with belt pulls or modern automated control.



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